Winery Emmerich Knoll

Emmerich Knoll's winery in Unterloiben is one of Austria's most famous wine-growing estates.
Each bottle’s traditional label is almost as highly regarded as the wines themselves.

The Knoll estate is located in the village of Unterloiben in the wine-growing region Wachau. It has been run by the family for decades and today Emmerich II and Monika Knoll  and their sons Emmerich III, who travelled far to acquire knowledge on his passion and august, who just finishend studies in agriculture are in charge of the 15 hectares of  land where the famous grapes grow. Holdings of the estate can be found in top Wachau sites as Schuett, Loibenberg, Kellerberg, Kreutles and the kremstal vineyard Pfaffenberg. Over 45% of the vineyards are planted with each Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, the remaining 5% for Chardonnay, Gelber Muskateller, Rivaner, Gelber Traminer and Pinot Noir.

Emmerich Knoll doesn't like overpowered, exuberant wines. Tight, concentrated wines which show their power packed - that's the credo of the ordinary estate. Knoll's wines are considered late bloomers beyond exception. His Riesling Schütt is regarded a “primus inter pares” among wines of the Smaragd type and the range of sweet specialties which is produced whenever vintage conditions permit is equally excellent.

The Kellerberg is one of the world's best individual terrains and bears, thanks to its special geological qualities, very exceptional wines.
Emmerich constantly works meticulously to refine his products.

“Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus” the association for protection of the Wachau's wine growing area was founded 1983, it's members carry solely wines from this region in their shops and restaurants.
Considering the climatic conditions “Vinea Wachau” has created three categories for wine:

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